Who We Are

The Principals and Managers of CMS Solutions, LLC have worked for more than 20 years in the U.S. financial sector, marketing financial specialty products and services, modifying secured and unsecured loans, and servicing a wide variety of assets for government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations. We have provided services to virtually every commercial real estate asset type including raw land, office, industrial, retail, multi-family, and specialty facilities, and represented clients whose mortgages are held by traditional lending institutions, CMBS securitizations, and insurance companies.

Up until the time of this current Recession, our experience was on the lender’s side of the equation. As a loan servicer, we were awarded Master and Special Servicer assignments for over 300 portfolios in the Asset Backed Securities (ABS) marketplace.

When the Recession started in 2008 -2009, we decided to focus on the borrowers’ side of the equation for Commercial Real Estate (CRE) owners / investors.

We quickly realized that the Tenant in Common sector was the most vulnerable part of the CRE market. Both the TIC ownership structure and the CMBS market created particular hardships for owners. Our experience in handling distressed assets for lenders, and our experience in working in the ABS market enabled us to understand and represent TICs in addition to our non-TIC clients.

To date we have successfully represented Tenant in Common owners is many of the most complex transactions in the TIC community. We work with both Distressed and Performing loans / properties. We provide mortgage restructures and modifications. We have a long history of working with all types of capital providers – refinancing sources, note purchasers, mezzanine financing, debt and equity providers, and large REITs and Private Equity Groups that are actively buying commercial properties in well defined niches.

We also work with a number of leading law firms as we encounter properties in various legal entanglements such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, as well as difficulties in removing an Asset / Property Manager that is not performing.

We welcome you to browse this web site and feel free to contact us for a confidential strategic assessment of your particular questions and situation.