Debt / Equity Financing

We maintain active relationships with a wide range of Debt / Equity providers. These connections include Refinancing lenders, Shortfall and Mezzanine capital sources, Rescue and Working Capital providers, and Equity groups that partner in a variety of strategic objectives.

As a result, we are able to match your particular situation and needs quickly with financing sources whose profiles match with your objectives.

1. Refinancing
Obtaining timely and competitive refinancing alternatives enable owners to evaluate and plan for upcoming mortgage maturities, or to take advantage of current attractive mortgage rate opportunities.

Alliances with refinancing lenders and brokers, provides a full spectrum of refinancing alternative for our clients. This includes financing for multifamily, office, industrial, single tenant and specialty properties.

The emphasis we place on timeliness affects our discussions with your current lender, shortfall providers, and for overall planning. We specialize in the completion of objectives such as analyzing or refinancing, obtaining lower rates and lengthening loan maturity.

2. Shortfall Financing
Is your property underwater and the current mortgage balance is higher than the property value? If so, you may need shortfall financing to bridge the gap between refinancing and the payoff of your current loan.

Let’s say you have a property with a $20 million outstanding balance on the Mortgage loan and the property value is $16 million. Your lender is willing to accept a $16 million Discounted Payoff (DPO) and you obtain a refinancing package for $16 million.

What we would help you to now obtain:

• $12 million refinancing loan (75% of the 16 million value)

$4 million of shortfall loan to pay the remaining part of the DPO
The shortfall can be raised from ownership, from a third party lender, or from a combination of both.

3. Equity Financing
Equity Financing is available from a wide range of institutional and private sources. Equity Capital is attractive to many property owners as the objectives of the providers and the borrowers are closely aligned. CMS maintains active relationships with many types of equity providers and can locate and negotiate the best solution for your particular property and situation.

Many owners today have property that is underwater and in addition to mortgage relief need to re-stabilize their property. (To be considered stable, an office property for example, would generally have to be 85-90% leased up, with key tenants tied down to longer term leases, typically for 7-10 years.)

If your property needs capital to re-stabilize, then CMS could help you obtain the best equity financing for your circumstance.