What We Do

  • Mortgage Restructuring

    CMS provides the full range of mortgage restructure alternatives available to commercial property owners. We pay particular attention to the nuances of every situation and have multi-faceted options available for different needs. We are here to give you the direction you’re looking for!

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  • Debt / Equity Financing

    We maintain active relationships with a wide range of Debt / Equity providers. These connections include Refinancing lenders, Shortfall and Mezzanine capital sources, Rescue and Working Capital providers, and Equity groups that partner in a variety of strategic objectives.

    As a result, we are able to match your particular situation and needs quickly with financing sources whose profiles match with your objectives.

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  • Legal Analysis & Alternatives

    Virtually all Mortgage, Financing, and Sale transactions require some degree of legal assistance. To facilitate our services, CMS maintains active relationships with some of the largest and best law firms in the US. The lawyers we work with, like CMS, are experts in the financial and real estate sectors. CMS does not sell legal solutions. Instead, for legal proceedings, we can refer attorneys if you need legal assistance.

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  • Structured Sales

    By maintaining active relationships with structured purchasers of commercial properties, CMS’ clients can quickly – on an off market basis – obtain third party feedback and advice regarding the terms and conditions of a sale of their property. This feedback is provided from active, pre-qualified organizations that are purchasers of their specific property types and financial conditions.

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