Free 1031 Report: 7 Key Considerations For 2017

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The TIC Era will be DYING in 2017. 
What is your Tax Plan?
In the next two years, the remainder of mortgages -- $400 Billion -- on commercial properties made prior to 2008 will mature. Most existing TIC mortgages fall into this category, and industry experts project that more than 30% of these loans will default.
Your first step is to read our 1031 Report - 7 Secrets for 2017.

In This Report, You Will Learn:

  • How do large, institutional investors look at and evaluate assets; this is how they make the BIG $$$
  • This easy to read primer will help you develop your own Exit Plan in 15 minutes or less
  • It will help you avoid the pain of a Foreclosure and Taxable Gain 
  • There is a huge difference between a great Exit Strategy and an average one – often over $105,000 for you
  • The 1031 Report – 7 Secrets for 2017 will get you started NOW

What Qualifies CMS to write this report?

We have managed over $43BB in securitized portfolios for large institutional lenders. We have discussed prospective investments with over 85 Equity Providers, Investment Officers, and Lenders. Much of what has been shared in these candid discussions allows you to 'peak behind the curtain' and see how investment professionals evaluate deals.

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